Editor's Page - Volume 87, Number 3.

AuthorMeyer, Kenneth R.

As the three of you reading this likely do not know, my term as the DCJ Editor and Chair of the Board of Editors (who are those guys anyway) has come to an end. It has been an honor to serve in this position for the last two years and a privilege to work with the incredible duo that actually make this publication a reality every three months, DCJ Managing Editor AOM and Deputy Editor Bob Greenlee. They both put in many unheralded hours that always result in a superb publication. Thank you Amy and Bob! I now pass the proverbial chisel, pencil, pen, typewriter, and laptop to Christopher Parkerson who will assume the role of Editor and Chair as soon as I type the last period on this page. Christopher has ably served as Editor-Elect for the past two years and will, I know, do an excellent job in his new role. Welcome Christopher!

As always, this edition of the DCJ offers timely and practical articles that will be of interest to all. Lauren Greenspoon and Ryan Class discuss defending producers under the recently enacted, COVID-induced, Defense Production Act. This piece takes a deep dive into the DPA, its history and the evolution of the Government Contractor Defense and related immunity. This is a must read for both entities producing product under the DPA and those providing legal counsel to those entities.

Claire Weglarz, Eric Hawkins, and Evelyn Fletcher Davis have written an article examining the unusual recent actions of the EPA in attempting to ban asbestos in almost exclusive reliance upon the work of plaintiffs' experts and attorneys. This is an eye opening read into yet another unusual action of our...

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