Editor's Page - Volume 87, Number 2.

AuthorMeyer, Kenneth R.

The first IADC meeting my wife, Cynthia, and I attended was the 2002 Midyear Meeting at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona. We were blown away by the friendliness of this group, the quality of the people that we met and were welcomed by, and the level of professionalism that we encountered. The only disappointment that I experienced was the Product Liability Committee meeting that I "attended." The quotes reflect that there was not, in fact, a meeting at all, but rather a lone hotel employee sitting in the room designated for the meeting, greeting those who arrived and asking them to fill in their names and addresses on a sheet of paper. This, despite that, is the largest Committee in the IADC.

Happily, beginning in 2003 with Tripp Haston as Chair, followed immediately by Lela Hollabaugh (2005), the Committee has become one of the most active in our organization. For these reasons, I thought it appropriate to ask the Product Liability Committee if it would undertake responsibility for an entire volume of the DCJ to help celebrate our Centennial year. The Committee agreed, and under the leadership of Chair Bill Anderson with the assistance of many others on the Committee, it assembled this outstanding compendium of product liability related articles. Jordan Lipp and Steven Michalek offer an intriguing piece that explores the unique product liability issues related to 3D printing; Rick Wallace and Bill Anderson probe the ins and outs of tort litigation brought by States; Greg Williams and Will Atfield update the status of litigation funding in Australia; and Sylvie Gallage-Alwis addresses concerns about product liability in civil law jurisdictions.

This issue also features a series of predictive vignettes, written by respected leaders in the product liability arena, a number of whom are past Chairs of the Product Liability Committee. This is a new feature in the DCJ that I anticipate will recur. Bill Anderson; M.C. Sungalia, James Sullivan, and Marco Pulido; Eric Lasker and Brett Covington; Stephanie Rippee; and Jessie Zeigler, Sarah Miller, and Olivia Seraphim look into their respective crystal balls and share their thoughts on the future of our practice (I say...

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