Editor's Page - Volume 87, Number 4.

AuthorParkerson, Christopher B.

This is my first note as Editor of the Defense Counsel Journal. I come into the position with the upmost respect for the importance of the Journal to the IADC. Having served as a member of the IADC Centennial Committee over the past few years, I learned of the rich history of the Defense Counsel Journal, from its initial publication as the Insurance Counsel Journal in 1934 under the leadership of George Yancey, to the critical role it played during World War II keeping IADC members in the military advised of new legal developments, through to the present day where compelling legal issues are reviewed in a digital format. Playing a role in such an important piece of the IADC's history is an amazing honor. Thank you.

It also makes me incredibly nervous to try and fill the shoes of past Editors such as Ken Meyer, Michael Franklin Smith, M.C. Sungaila, and Richard L. Neumeier. Their leadership has built the Defense Counsel Journal into what it is today. I appreciate and accept the responsibility to maintain the level of excellence they set and look forward to advancing the Journal to meet the needs of the future.

This is truly a remarkable time in our organization and the world. Many of us are working from home, some of us cannot cross borders we used to take for granted, and we just completed the IADC's first virtual Annual Meeting. Despite all of the uncertainty surrounding almost every facet of our lives, the Defense Counsel Journal will continue to be published quarterly and continue to be a source for members to submit articles and add their voices to the legal writing landscape. In addition to the digital publication, we also intend to advance the discussion on relevant legal issues by submitting a quarterly podcast where authors are interviewed for additional insight into the topics included in the Journal. We encourage you to listen and enjoy.

As part of my Editor-Elect duties over the past two years, I quickly learned the importance of Amy O'Maley McGuire, Managing...

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