Editor's notes.

AuthorSorensen, Christian D.

Volume Thirty-Five, Numbers One and Two of the Canada-United States Law Journal contains the 1979 Report of the American Bar Association and Canadian Bar Association Joint Working Group and the 1992 Report of the American Bar Association, Canadian Bar Association, and Barra Mexicana Joint Working Group with a special introduction by T. Bradbrooke Smith. It also includes the lecture given by Dr. Christopher Sands at The University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law on March 23, 2009 entitled The Obama Opportunity for Canada, along with three student articles on subjects pertaining to various aspects of the Canada-United States relationship. I would like to thank all of our contributing authors for their insightful and exceptional scholarship.

The publication of this issue of the Journal would not have been possible without the assistance of a number of individuals. Foremost, I would like to thank Dan Ujczo for his kindness and patience during the publication process. He has been an excellent advisor and has taught me a great deal about leadership. In addition, I must extend my sincere appreciation to Chios Carmody for his enthusiastic leadership at The University...

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