Editor's notes.

Author:Brooker, Carl F., IV

Volume Thirty-Four, Number Two of the Canada-United States Law Journal contains the proceedings of the Canada-United States Law Institute's 2009 Conference, "An Example of Cooperation and Common Cause: Enhancing Canada-United States Security and Prosperity Through the Great Lakes and North American Trade."

I became Editor-in-Chief at a time of flux at the Institute due to the passing of one of its pillars, Dr. Henry T. King Jr. Dr. King will be sorely missed as a leader, professor, and advocate. His bell resides in the Journal's office as a constant reminder of Dr. King's unfaltering timeliness, dedication, and professionalism. Dr. King, thank you for your many years of service.

The 2009 Conference and subsequent Journal publication could not have taken place without many people. First, I would like to sincerely thank Dan Ujczo for his advice and guidance. Dan manages to stay actively engaged and supportive while managing a growing Institute during a time of great change. Also, Chi Carmody proved to be a great anchor and sounding board and is indispensable to our Journal's presence at The University of Western Ontario. I would also like to thank Kuangshi Cao and Steve de Eyre who assisted in making the Journal's production and publication as smooth as possible while simultaneously juggling their many outside responsibilities. Additionally, Radha Subramanian did a terrific job as our first Canadian Corresponding Editor. Special thanks are due to all of the Journal's Executive and Associate...

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