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AuthorEmancipator, Michael D.

Volume 34 of the Canada-United States Law Journal contains the proceedings of the Canada-United States Law Institute's 2008 Conference titled, "The Post-9/11 'Safe and Secure' Canada-United States Border in the Era of Global Supply Chains: Gateway or Checkpoint? The World's Longest Undefended Border." Where in a truly collaborative effort, experts from Canada and the United States met and discussed their various experiences and views on the benefits of open and free trade weighed against the necessity for a safe and secure border. I personally enjoyed attending the Conference, and on behalf of the Journal staff, we thank all the speakers for such an informative event.

The 2008 Conference and publication of this volume could not have been so successful without the help from the combined effort from a group of incredible people. First, I would like to thank Dr. Henry T. King, Jr. for his lasting dedication to the Institute, where the Institute and Dr. King go handin-hand; it is hard to think of one and not the other. He has been a pillar on which this Institute was built, and I believe the session published in this volume honoring Dr. King is very revealing of that devotion. Additionally, I am thankful to Dan Ujczo for providing me with guidance and support. He does a remarkable job of managing such a large and complex organization. I would like to thank Deborah Turner, Dr. King's Program Coordinator. Deborah is...

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