Editor's notes.

Author:Minton, Elizabeth A.

Volume Thirty-Six, Number Two of the Canada-United States Law Journal contains the proceedings of the 2011 Henry T. King, Jr. Annual Conference, "Energy Security and Climate Change: A Canada-United States Common Approach?" Panels of experts presented on a wide array of topics during the Conference, ranging from discussion of the necessary partnership between the United States and Canada in creating new energy sources to the means by which to regulate and finance these new sources. I sincerely thank each of the speakers for their perceptive insights and suggestions.

The publication of this issue could not have taken place without the assistance of a wonderful group of people. First, I extend my thanks to the Journal's academic advisor, David Kocan, for his guidance and advice. David has been very supportive of the Journal and I am appreciative of his open-door policy for all things Journal-related. I also wish to thank Chios Carmody for his continued support and enthusiasm at The University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law.

I must thank the Journal editorial members for their hard work. The Executive and Associate Editors have worked diligently for months editing, finding strong supporting authorities, and footnoting. These are time-consuming tasks, and each editor has performed admirably his or her duty in bringing this issue to publication. The Journal could not be published without the tireless work of the editorial members. The Executive Board members, Matthew Hemme and Keith White, were instrumental through their positive cooperation in compiling this issue. Likewise, Sheliza Pyrali, the Canadian Corresponding Editor, was invaluable at Western Ontario and successfully expanded the Western staff's involvement in the Journal's publication.

Special thanks are due to several editors who went above and beyond the call of editorial duty. These...

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