Editor's Note

Date01 September 2014
Published date01 September 2014
Editor’s Note
World Food Policy (WFP) Volume 1 Number 2 is another inaugural issue published by the
Policy Studies Organization (PSO) in collaboration with the Royal Institute of ailand
(RIT). Featuring six articles and a journal review, this second issue looks at the food sector
from regional and national perspectives.
Over the course of the year the WFP editorial board has expanded to include renowned
experts in a wider range of elds and from dierent parts of the world. eir knowledge
and experience underpin the WFP’s aim to maintain the publication of a scholarly peer-re-
viewed, multi-disciplinary journal. WFP editorial process continues to stress—as the guid-
ing principle in editing papers—communicability among scholars and practitioners, based
on sound analysis and insights useful for practical policy making.
Subsequent WFP issues welcome submissions within the scope of the journal on subjects
such as global or regional trends aecting the production, distribution, and consumption of
food; food safety, nutrition and health; research and development, institutional innovations,
and production and consumption alternatives in the food sector; moral and ethical issues
in food policy decision and implementation; and relations and connections between food
and other policy issues, such as labor, logistics, energy, environment and cultural identities.
As we continue to accept submissions of increased subject diversication within the scope
of the journal, WFP will also aim to provide our readers with contents of widest geograph-
ical coverage.

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