Editor's Note.

Author:Pillai, Vijayan K.

This issue contains a number of studies that extend the scope and content of the social development concept. Dauti's paper on the community scorecard as an intervention for encouraging participation presents in detail the role and importance of a specific tool for promoting social development. Because participation and involvement of the community are crucial to the success of any social development project, an evaluation of the community scorecard approach is likely to be useful for practitioners of social development.

Economic development is always a widely sought outcome. In most regions of the world it is achieved through decades of steady changes in the composition of both financial and human capital as well as socioeconomic policy changes. When regions experience sudden spurts of economic growth, there is often a lag between desired social values and social structural changes that sustain the health and well-being of the population and those that characterize the regional population. Jayasundara and colleagues document how vulnerable populations such as women are especially affected by abrupt increases in per capita income. In Bekkan County, North Dakota, women experienced a high level of intimate partner violence while men succumbed to substance use. In places such as Bekkan County, well-planned social development programs may indeed be essential to facilitate the localized and abrupt growth in per capita income.

Lea's article discusses how bureaucracies in the modern world, especially in developing countries, have lost their original mission of improving...

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