Author:Lee, Jane

Welcome to the third issue of Volume 69 of the Federal Communications Law Journal ("FCLJ"), the official journal of the Federal Communications Bar Association ("FCBA"). Over the summer, the FCLJ welcomed 50 new talented individuals to our membership. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a satiating Annual Review issue that encompasses a range of topics, including data security regulation, media ownership rules, Open Data Initiatives ("ODIs"), and international cybersecurity regimes.

In the first Note, Alex Bossone addresses the lack of federal consumer data security regulation in an age where consumers suffer from identity thefts and cyber-attacks. Mr. Bossone suggests an augmentation of the FTC's existing data security powers and an emulation of the FCC Enforcement Bureau's approach to mandate an effective legal framework. In the second Note, Bryan Schatz explores the shortcomings of the current media ownership rules. Mr. Schatz proposes solutions that can free up the Quadrennial Review and help the FCC promulgate and enforce new media ownership rules. In the third Note, Monica Savukinas examines how the Obama administration encouraged federal agencies to use ODIs for innovation. Ms. Savukinas suggests that the FCC use ODIs through prize contests, hackathons, and open dialogue with developers, as part of its innovation policy.

This issue also features an interesting article on international cybersecurity, penned by Zahra Dsouza, who is currently a Law Clerk at Kohn Swift & Graf P.C. and...

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