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Author:Taylor, Mike

Dymanic Duos and Hall of Famers

Starting and operating a business with a partner presents unique rewards and challenges, and in this issue of ColoradoBiz, Gigi Sukin gives us insight into the working relationships of 10 "dynamic duos" --not just married couples, but siblings, friends and other pairs who have joined forces to create something special in business. This feature includes the magazine's annual ranking of Colorado's Top 50 Family-Owned Companies, which is an appropriate placement; not all our "dynamic duos" are family in the technical sense, but, as you'll read, they exhibit many of the best qualities we associate with families, and they grapple with some of the same difficulties, too.

Also in this issue, standout energy and environmental writer Allen Best compares and contrasts "the different universes" of Yuma and Aspen, at opposite ends of the state culturally if not geographically, as he examines Colorado's standing as a player...

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