Editor's note.

Author:Hartung, Paul J.

Readers may notice that this issue discontinues The Career Development Quarterly (CDQ) annual review feature. CDQ has published an annual review of the career counseling and development literature in the December issue each year since 1989. Covering the literature published in CDQ and related journals during the year before their publication, these reviews aimed to consolidate knowledge in breadth about career counseling and development with a specific focus on practice. The goal was to provide a review of the previous year's scholarly literature that was easily understandable and useful to the career development practitioner. Now, the journal will slightly alter this goal and aim to meet it in another way.

In place of the annual review feature, CDQ will move to inviting periodic topical literature reviews that consolidate knowledge in depth about specific areas of interest to readers and the field as a whole. It is expected that such a shift will offer readers more intensive analysis and a deeper understanding about particular topics of contemporary interest with a focus on practice. Of particular importance to authors, inviting periodic topical reviews rather than annual reviews will add much-needed space to the December issue and thereby help decrease time from manuscript acceptance to print publication. Annual reviews also by necessity appeared in the December, year-end issue. Periodic topical reviews can be placed in the March, year-opening issue, creating an opportunity for increased citation that can positively affect the journal's impact factor.

With this issue, we also thank outgoing Editorial Board members, welcome new members, and acknowledge continuing members. First, we extend our deep gratitude to the following individuals for...

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