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AuthorSilverman, Nicholas

Welcome to the Twenty-Ninth Annual Survey of White Collar Crime. The American Criminal Law Review is proud to continue the tradition of providing the premier up-to-date reference material on the constantly evolving law of white collar crime.

As editor-in-chief, I have attempted to instill a new identity for the Annual Survey of White Collar Crime. Our challenge has always been the same: how can students write reference material for practitioners who presumably have far greater knowledge and experience? This year, we have met that challenge by defining our mission with precision. We publish the Annual Survey of White Collar Crime with the hope that it can serve as a reference material of particular use to practitioners who find themselves in an unfamiliar area of law. With that mission in mind, we have focused our resources on providing straightforward offense elements, defenses, and gray areas of the law. We hope it helps!

In addition to the twenty primary articles--each of which has been updated and improved--the Annual Survey of White Collar Crime is proud to feature an article by Professor Katrice Bridges Copeland of Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law. Professor Copeland is one of the premier scholars of white collar crime. Her article, The Crime of Being In Charge: Executive Culpability and Collateral Consequences, confronts the legal and ethical underpinnings of the responsible corporate officer doctrine in...

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