Editor's note.

Author:Grimm, John R.

Welcome to the Twenty-Sixth Annual Survey of White Collar Crime. Every year, the American Criminal Law Review is proud to continue to provide the legal community with the premier reference on the law of white collar crime.

I would like to point out a few highlights of this Issue. First, for the second year in a row, we have devoted special attention to several articles we felt particularly needed updating: the ELECTION LAW, MAIL AND WIRE FRAUD, and PUBLIC CORRUPTION Articles in this Issue have been carefully re-examined in light of recent changes in the law brought on by Supreme Court cases such as Citizens United v. FEC, and Skilling v. United States.

Another highlight of this Issue is our introductory article written by University of Maryland School of Law Professor Jane Barrett, who has provided a thoughtful analysis of the corporate, environmental, and criminal law surrounding the recent B.E Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Many people worked very hard to bring you the Annual Survey, and this Issue would not be possible without the contributions of everyone whose name appears on the masthead. I would specifically like to thank a handful of individuals, however. The Annual Survey Editors and Senior Annual Survey Editors worked hard to make sure the articles in this Issue are up-to-date and accurate. The Associate Annual Survey Editors, did a terrific...

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