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Author:Kane, Susan

Last year we launched our first-ever Start Small Win Big (SSWB) initiative--a challenge that puts you, our entrepreneurial reader, through a series of tough steps designed to ramp up your business quickly. This month we kick off the second annual SSWB Challenge, designed by JJ Ramberg, an entrepreneur, author and host of MSNBC-TV's Your Business. It'll kick your butt in ways last year's Challenge didn't, so if you got something out of the prior Challenge, you'll want to join us again. If you didn't get involved last year, I urge you to do so now, and not just because you will see measurable results from the paces Ramberg puts you through, but because something beautiful came out of last year's contest and will again.

To up the ante and fun of Start Small Win Big, we've made it a competition. The person who best realizes the goal he or she sets at the beginning of the SSWB Challenge will win all-expenses-paid trips to meet JJ Ramberg and SUCCESS Publisher Darren Hardy. Over a nice long lunch, these ace coaches will consult with you on...

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