Editor's note.

Author:Perryman, Skye Lynn

Welcome to the Twenty-Second Edition of the Annual Survey of White Collar Crime. As always, we have tried to provide readers with current and up to date information regarding federal white collar criminal offenses. This year, the Survey begins with an essay written by John C. Hueston, lead trial attorney for the prosecution in United States v. Jeffrey K. Skilling and Kenneth L. Lay. Mr. Heuston's essay, titled Behind the Scenes of the Enron Trial: Creating the Decisive Moments, discusses the challenges that prosecutors faced investigating and prosecuting Skilling and Lay, further and explains the way in which the Enron Taskforce crafted its trial strategy to meet these challenges. Without the benefit of "smoking gun" documents implicating either defendent, the Government had to build a case by strategically planning the order in which they would call witnesses and setting traps to undermine defense witness credibility. The Annual Survey is delighted to provide to our readers Mr. Heuston's colorful behind the scenes account of one of the most significant white collar trials in recent history.

The Twenty-Second Edition...

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