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AuthorShanklin, Jan R.

Welcome to the Twenty-Seventh Annual Survey of White Collar Crime. Every year, the American Criminal Law Review is proud to continue to provide the legal community with the premier reference on the law of white collar crime.

The Annual Survey features twenty main articles, which provide readers with current and relevant information on twenty types of federal white collar crime. Each article explains the elements of the given offense, commonly invoked defenses, and the appropriate sentencing guidelines. The articles contain extensive footnotes referencing both primary and secondary source material in order to assist readers with research tasks.

The Annual Survey also includes one original article each year. This year we are very pleased to feature Maleficent or Mindblind: Questioning the Role of Asperger's in Quant Hedge Fund Malfeasance and Modeling Disasters by author Kelly Kibbie. The article explores the potential link between certain presentations of Asperger's Disorder and certain financial crimes and disasters. Specifically, the author examines the role that Asperger's may play in the commission of certain white collar crimes, including market manipulation, securities fraud, and insider trading.

Each edition of the Annual Survey requires an enormous amount of...

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