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Published date01 September 2017
AuthorSusan S. Raines
Date01 September 2017
C R Q, vol. 35, no. 1, Fall 2017 5
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Published online in Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com) • DOI: 10.1002/crq.21203
I t brings me great pride to share this edition of Confl ict Resolution Quar-
terly with you.  e rst three articles share innovative fi ndings regard-
ing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs in the North American
context, while the latter two examine interesting cultural and legal issues
in international contexts.
I want to draw your attention, in particular, to the study by Char-
koudian, Eisenberg, and Walter (“What Diff erence Does ADR Make?
Comparison of ADR and Trial Outcomes in Small Claims Courts”).  is
is the most comprehensive, rigorous study in the fi eld of court-connected
ADR to date. It details the signifi cant and positive impacts that ADR has
on these court cases and will likely become required reading for mediation
courses inside and outside of academic settings.
Please note that CRQ has issued two new Calls for Papers:  riving
rough Change in Healthcare ADR, and Environmental and Public Pol-
icy Confl ict Resolution in Harsh Political Climates. Please share your work
with CRQ!
Happy reading!
Susan S. Raines , Ph.D.
Professor of Confl ict Management
School of Confl ict Management, Peacebuildling and Development
Kennesaw State University

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