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Date01 July 2015
Published date01 July 2015
C R Q, vol. 32, no. 4, Summer 2015 359
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Published online in Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com) • DOI: 10.1002/crq.21125
This volume of Confl ict Resolution Quarterly (CRQ) presents a series
of articles on a rapidly growing area of practice and research: elder
issue alternative dispute resolution (ADR). In fact, the fi eld is evolving so
quickly that some controversy exists as to whether to call the fi eld elder care,
elder issues, or something else.  e following articles delve into some of the
most vexing and provocative questions that arise when practicing dispute
resolution and decision making around issues of guardianship, estates and
inheritance, and caregiving for and with elders. At some point in their
lives, family members are likely to face diffi cult decisions about how to
share in the care, decisions, fi nancial costs, and (yes) the joys involved in
assisting elders as they navigate what some cultures have termed the third
stage of life. I hope these articles improve your current practice or help you
better understand how to apply your collaboration skills in a new applica-
tion area.
In addition to our series on elder issues, this volume includes an article
on the ability of mediation to reduce work-related stress and an article on
victim-off ender mediation with youth in Indonesia. Both make important
contributions to our understanding of the impact of mediation in distinct
cultural and substantive applications, with global implications.
I hope you will join us at the ACR conference in Reno, Nevada,
October 7–10, 2015.  is is shaping up to be a tremendous opportunity
to gain new knowledge, skills , and professional contacts.
Happy reading!
Susan S. Raines, PhD
Professor, MS in Confl ict Management Program
Kennesaw State University
Editor-in-Chief, Confl ict Resolution Quarterly

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