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Date01 June 2016
Published date01 June 2016
C R Q, vol. 33, no. 4, Summer 2016 353
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Published online in Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com) • DOI: 10.1002/crq.21165
T his edition of Confl ict Resolution Quarterly examines various confl ict
resolution processes, from Track 1 mediation to confl ict coaching,
intergenerational confl ict styles, and methodologies for improving com-
munity engagement for dispute resolution.
Lee and Abdelrahman share their work which examines the roles played
by small- and mid-sized countries seeking to intervene in their neighbors’
civil wars and peace processes. Understanding the roles played by these coun-
tries can improve the effi cacy of future mediation and resolution eff orts.
As part of our series on the “State of Knowledge,” Ross Brinkert shares
his assessment of the current state of knowledge in the fi eld of confl ict
coaching.  is article helps us understand how this area of confl ict man-
agement practice has grown and where it is headed in the future.
Sonali Bhattacharya et al. examined the important topic of negotiation
and confl ict resolution styles between generations. While the article details
this issue in India, many of their fi ndings seem to resonate to other socie-
ties as technology rapidly changes the way we communicate and interact.
In her contribution, Birthe Reimers shares her newly developed meth-
odology for community engagement in confl icts involving issues of diver-
sity. Her work holds promise for improving the effi cacy of confl ict resolution
eff orts and allows practitioners to more consciously apply theory to practice.
Please be sure to attend the conference of the Association for Confl ict
Resolution, from September 28 to October 1 in Baltimore, Maryland.  is
conference will bring together many of the most experienced dispute reso-
lution practitioners and academics from a wide variety of application areas.
We will include a half-day Writer s Workshop designed to show partici-
pants how to get published in journals and with book publishers focusing
on confl ict resolution and alternative dispute resolution. Please plan to join
us. You can fi nd more information at our website: https://acrnet.org .
Happy reading!
Susan S. Raines Ph.D.
Professor, MS in Confl ict Management Program
Kennesaw State University
Editor-in-Chief, Confl ict Resolution Quarterly

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