Published date01 May 2018
Date01 May 2018
Welcome to issue 35:4 of Conflict Resolution Quarterly (CRQ). We are celebrating our 35th year of
bridging the gap between theory and practice in the fields of conflict resolution and alternative dis-
pute resolution. I would like to thank all of our readers, authors, and editorial board members for
making CRQ one of the most widely read and distributed journals on conflict resolution in North
America and around the world. Thank you!
This edition of CRQ examines mediation and conflict management through multiple lenses:
From the sources of conflict revealed in the narratives of divorcing parents, to the importance of
reflexively examining the role our emotions play in intergroup conflict, to the reasons why volunteer
mediators quit, to the unique values and issues present in the mediation of sacred land conflicts, to
the sources of key knowledge and skills needed for health care professionals to manage conflict
effectively. I hope you find something to improve your knowledge and practice in each article.
Please remember to save the date for our annual conference, October 35, 2018, in Pittsburgh!
Happy reading!
Susan S. Raines Ph.D.
School of Conflict Management,
Peacebuilding and Development,
Kennesaw State University
Email: sraines@kennesaw.edu
DOI: 10.1002/crq.21220
© 2018 Association for Conflict Resolution and Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
Conflict Resolution Quarterly. 2018;35:333. wileyonlinelibrary.com/journal/crq 333

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