Editor's introduction.

Author:Lee, Jonathan H.X.

First and foremost, we wish to thank you for your continued support of the Chinese Historical Society of America. With your membership and support, we are able to continue our work in educating, promoting, and preserving the rich contributions of the Chinese in America.

In this issue of Chinese America: History & Perspectives, Yan He serves as our guest editor. Our special focus is on Chinese American archives, collections, and librarians, introducing primary sources, genealogies and family history, special collections, digitizing projects, resource-sharing and open access, and oral histories of Chinese American librarians. Virginia Jing-yi Shih, librarian at the University of California at Berkeley, discusses the legacy of Chinese American historian Him Mark Lai and the special collection named in his honor. Margaret Mih Tillman, Ralph Gabbard, Melissa Guy, Liu Qian, and Caroline Fish share the unique Chinese Immigrants in Cuba digital repository at Arizona State University, providing an overview of the collection's content and historical importance. Yan He and Lian Ruan interview Chinese American librarian Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee. Librarian at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ann Shu-ju Chiu, has contributed a research article on the use of the New York Fuzhou immigrant communities' online footprint as primary source data for new research on the Fuzhou community. Shirley S. Tang documents the process for building a digital narrative archive at UMass Boston. Community historian Gary W. Libby provides a narrative of the Chinese hand-laundries and laundrymen in Maine. Peter Nien-chu Kiang reflects on the engaged curriculum that bridges Asian American Studies praxis and Chinese American history at Boston's public Chinese burial grounds. Sheau-yueh J. Chao discusses the use of Chinese...

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