Editor's introduction.

Author:Fermaglich, Kirsten

We are honored to take over the helm of American Jewish History, continuing a long line of distinguished editors who have come before us. We want to thank the Executive Committee of the Academic Council of the American Jewish Historical Society for entrusting the journal to us for the next five years. The prospect of seeking out and helping to develop the newest, most exciting work in our field thrills all three of us.

As we begin our tenure at the journal, we look forward to continuing some of the innovations of earlier editors, including special guest-edited thematic volumes, review essays, and explorations of classic texts. We also look forward to introducing some new features of our own. One such feature will begin this year. We will periodically publish state-of-the-field essays that provide historiographic overviews on the genesis and development of work on a chosen subject; analyze the major debates, questions, and trends within current scholarship; and map out potential areas for future research. One of our chief goals is to introduce nonspecialists--particularly graduate students and those who work in other subfields--to topics and themes with which they are unfamiliar.

We also hope to incorporate more scholarship from outside the immediate field, encouraging work that considers sociological, anthropological, and literary perspectives on the American Jewish past. A broader definition of the Americas too, from...

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