Editor's Foreword

AuthorJeffrey S. Lubbers
Editor’s Foreword vii
Editor’s Foreword
This is the thirteenth volume in a series of compendia that are intended to
provide a way for administrative lawyers to stay abreast of developments in the
field—in cross-cutting areas of administrative law and in related areas of spe-
cialization that might bear on their own areas. The reports are written by ex-
perts in each field—members of the Section of Administrative Law and
Regulatory Practice who are in most cases Committee chairs and vice-chairs in
their areas of expertise. Some of the reports are team efforts, others are the
product of a single individual—but they are all authoritative.
Again this year we are publishing a smaller paperback covering the four
main cross-cutting chapters, Adjudication, Constitutional Law and Separation
of Powers, Judicial Review and Rulemaking—the four topics covered at our
Section’s popular fall Administrative Law Conference Developments program.
Section members can download this volume for free and order hard copies
for a nominal price from the links on the Section’s website, http://
www.abanet.org/adminlaw/home.html. Other subject-matter-specific chapters
are also available for Section members as free downloads; non-members can
download individual chapters for a small fee. These member benefits, along
with the Administrative Law Review, published by the students at Washington
College of Law, American University, and the Administrative & Regulatory
Law News, make the Section dues a real bargain.
Another welcome development is that past volumes of the Developments
series are now available (in full text) from HeinOnline’s subscription service.
This volume covers calendar year 2011. But as with the previous 12 vol-
umes, my role as editor was simply to review the submissions, put them into a
consistent format, edit them where necessary, and supply some footnotes. The
real heavy lifting was done by the chapter authors, each of whom is identified
in the first footnote of each chapter. My personal acknowledgments, including
those to my student assistants, follow this foreword.
I will not attempt to provide a summary of the entire book. The list of
chapters is included and is also, of course, on the Section website. But I do
want to mention a few highlights of the four cross-cutting chapters.
As usual, I will start by providing an update to a development reported in
the last seven Editor’s Forewords that is close to my own heart1—the reestab-

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