Editor's commentary.

Author:Peluchette, Joy V.

This issue of the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies (JLOS) emerges from a partnership between the Midwest Academy of Management and the initial evolution of its journal, Current Issues in Management, to responsibility for editing an annual issue of JLOS. We are proud of our affiliation with JLOS and its status as the official journal of the Midwest Academy of Management, particularly as JLOS begins its new partnership with Sage Publications.

The editorial review board for this issue reflects our organization's commitment to scholarship. We are grateful for their time and service in reviewing for this issue. We also appreciate the guidance and help of Fred Luthans and John Slocum (editors of JLOS), Ken Thompson (Associate Editor of JLOS) and Julia Teahen (Managing Editor) in getting this issue to print.

Articles reviewed and selected for this issue reflect academic scholarship on topics of current importance in management. Although there was no pre-determined theme...

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