I have been fortunate over the last several weeks to enjoy some live sporting events in various locations around the country. I attended my first Arizona State Sun Devil football game with my daughter, Emily, who is a first-year student at ASU. I was also able to watch my University of Arkansas Razorbacks get blown out by the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens with my good friend, Brad Marsh. In addition to college football games, I also attended the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee Wildcard matchup in Fenway Park with my law partner and friend, Jim Campbell. Listening to all the fans sing Dirty Water after a Red Sox victory was such a great experience especially when it meant the Red Sox moved on in the playoffs and the Yankees went home.

The point of this note isn't a trip down memory lane for sporting events. The issue I want to focus on is how fans from different backgrounds and with a vast array of experiences can come together and get behind the home team. It isn't unique to any place. One doesn't need to have traveled much to know that Tempe, Arizona is very different from Boston, Massachusetts which in turn is very different from Athens, Georgia. The cities and states are a mix of blue, red, and purple. Regardless of the differences in perspective and experiences, each fan group puts aside all differences and focuses on the common goal of cheering for the home team. In each of the stadiums, I sat amongst Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and every mix and combination of political leaning. Each venue had people of different religions, races, and ages, but every one of those differences was set aside when it came time to introducing the home team. Everyone, despite a likely myriad of personal beliefs and circumstances, stood and cheered when the home team scored or made a good play. Differences were set aside and the collective focus of getting a conference win or advancing in the playoffs became the sole focus. Loud cheers, chants, and songs were universally shared among all because the common goal of victory for the home team came above any disunity that existed. The home fans root, root, rooted for the home team.

My hope is that as the United States of America presses forward in difficult and challenging times, Americans must remember that we are pulling for the home team. We all want a healthy and safe society. The job of solving problems, whether it be the best way to address the COVID-19 pandemic, infrastructure improvements, tax...

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