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AuthorRandall S. Abate
Editor and Contributor
Randall S. Abate is a professor of law, director of the Center for International
Law and Justice, and project director of the Environment, Development &
Justice Program at Florida A&M University College of Law in Orlando,
Florida. At Florida A&M, Professor Abate teaches Environmental Law, Inter-
national Environmental Law, Environmental Justice, Climate Change Law
and Indigenous Peoples Seminar, Ocean and Coastal Law Seminar, Public
International Law, Constitutional Law I and II, and Animal L aw. Profes-
sor Abate joined t he Florida A&M College of Law faculty in 2009 with 15
years of full-time law teaching experience at Vermont Law School, Widener
Law School–Harrisburg, Rutgers School of Law–Camden, Florida Coastal
School of Law, and Florida State College of Law. He has taught international
and comparative environmental law courses in study abroad progra ms in
Kenya, Canada, India, Argentina, and the Cayman Islands.
Professor Abate has published and presented widely on environmental law
topics, with a recent emphasis on climate change law and justice. His articles
on climate change law and justice have appeared in the Stanford Environmen-
tal Law Journal, Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, Connecticut Law
Review, Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum, Washington Law Review,
William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review, Tulane Journal of
International and Comparative Law, Seattle Journal of Environmental Law,
Ottawa Law Review, Tulane Environmental Law Journal, and Fordham Envi-
ronmental Law Review. He is the editor of C C  I 
O  C L: U.S.  I P   (2015)
and co-editor of C C  I P: T S
 L R  (2013). Professor Abate taught a Climate Change Law
and Justice course at Nationa l Law Academy in Odessa, Ukra ine, in 2013
on a Fulbright Specialists gra nt, and taught a Climate Change Adaptation
Law and Justice course in t he inaugura l Summer Environmental Law Pro-
gram at China University of Political Science and Law in 2014. In June 2015,
he taught a Comparative Animal Law course in a study abroad program in
Granada, Spain. Early in his career, Professor Abate handled environmen-

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