Edghill, Rosemary. The warslayer; an incredibly true adventure of Vixen the Slayer, the beginning.

Author:LaValley, Liz
Position::Book Review

Baen p. 312p. c2002. 0-7434-3536-2. $7.99. JSA

Gloria McArdle is a 6' redheaded post-Olympian gymnast and phys. ed. teacher who casually tested for a background part in a TV series. Now a cult phenomenon, she's achieved world fame as the star of The Incredibly True Adventures of Vixen the Slayer, fighting supernatural evil throughout Elizabethan England decked out in a leather corset, velvet panniers and "genuine English rowan" (really plastic) stakes. Halfway through a publicity tour of talk shows, autograph sessions and photo shoots, Glory is tiring of it all and wondering what to no next when a knock comes at her dressing room door. It's three very odd, androgynous people in colored robes. The leader, Belegir, has a stave with a glowing stone, and a story about following in the footsteps of Cinnas the Warkiller to seek out a warrior to defeat a terrible power unleashed upon the Allimir. When Belegir chants, the three Allimir, Glory and the dressing room all transport together to Serenthodioal the Golden and Glory is abruptly faced with the necessity of becoming the warrior she's only portrayed. Armed with a puzzling prophecy and a magic sword, Glory now has to figure out how to defeat War incarnate--without getting herself and everyone around her hacked to pieces first.

There are very clever variations here on some long-standing plot...

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