'Edgewalkers' chronicles the uncommon.

Author:Schwab, Robert
Position:Edgewalkers Insight available from Cynthia Kemper - Brief Article

No one can accuse Cynthia Kemper of writer's block. Kemper's e-mailed Edgewalkers Insight is a regularly distributed, twice monthly compilation of what she calls "uncommon illumination, inspiration and innovation for the 21st century thought-leader."

You can read it on your computer screen or print it out to read at home, or on the plane, or in your limo. But what you read will definitely get you thinking about how business connects with a variety of nonbusiness influences and about how you, as an executive, are responsible for the world outside your office door.

It might also give you a few ideas about how to conduct your business.

Kemper, a local journalist, says she spends 30...

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