Edgar award nominees.


The Edgar Allen Poe Awards are presented by the Mystery Writers of America (The winner will be announced on April 26, 2007). The nominees in the best-novel category are listed below.

Best Novel Nominees

THE PALE BLUE EYE | LOUIS BAYARD: Edgar Allen Poe, a student at West Point, becomes involved in his first investigation when a cadet is found hanged--and missing his heart. (EXCELLENT Sept/Oct 2006)


"Bayard's shockingly clever and devoutly unsentimental new mystery reads like a lost classic." NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

THE JANISSARY TREE | JASON GOODWIN: As the Ottoman Empire declines, a series of murders rocks the sultan's court. A eunuch's investigation leads back to the disloyal Janissaries, who still pervade parts of Istanbul.


"It is a transporting, engaging book with a main character who works his way into your mind and heart." PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

GENTLEMEN AND PLAYERS | JOANNE HARRIS: A perpetual outsider among the upper-class elite, Snyde has a terrible score to settle at his former aristocratic British grammar school--but someone is on to him. (GOOD/EXCELLENT Mar/Apr 2006)


"For readers who fancy an intricate mystery and story line that also touches on anti-Semitism and vicious intrafaculty politics, with expertly sketched heroes, buffoons and rogues to match, Gentlemen and Players will tease the mind and touch one's soul." ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS

THE DEAD HOUR | DENISE MINA: In A Field of Blood (GOOD/EXCELLENT Nov/Dec 2005), cub reporter Paddy Mehan got involved in a grisly murder. Here, Paddy, now 21 and working the night shift for the...

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