ccAdvisor is now available from EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO). ccAdvisor provides in-depth, critical reviews of digital resources for the academic and library markets. The resource is a collaboration between Choice and Charleston Advisor, two well-known and highly respected review sources.

ccAdvisor is the only peer-reviewed, continuously updated review source for academic databases, websites and tools for librarians, students, and faculty. With more than 400 professionally vetted reviews in all subject areas, ccAdvisor assists librarians and faculty with the evaluation and selection of digital resources to improve collection development and discovery.

Each review ranges from 1,500 to 3,000+ words and analyzes content, audience level, user interface, technical details, pricing, contract information and competitive products. To help users determine the best resources for their needs, ccAdvisor offers critical evaluations with ratings, interactive Compare Products tables, a polling utility for user comments and the ability to compile and export lists, save searches, and set alerts.

As Choice Editor and Publisher, Mark Cummings notes, ccAdvisor is more than simply a selection tool. Because it also reviews open-access resources, public websites, and tools, the work is an all-purpose guide for students and faculty looking to rapidly assess the scope and quality of resources needed for their research. ccAdvisor brings a powerful new voice to the evaluation of information databases.

According to Sara Earley, Vice President of Product Management at EBSCO, ccAdvisor provides a unique...

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