EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has provided libraries and their patrons with access to high-quality e-book content by making more than 70,000 EBSCO eBooks Digital Rights Management (DRM) free. The DRM-free initiative reinforces EBSCO's commitment to working with publishers to increase e-book options for libraries.

With thousands of DRM-free titles available, libraries can now purchase both DRM-free and DRM-protected e-books from EBSCO. Titles will be available on an unlimited concurrent user (UU) basis, and users will avoid any limitations on printing, saving, or downloading. No sign-in or Adobe ID will be required, and no special software will be needed to access these titles. Librarians will have the choice between the DRM-free unlimited user version of a title or a limited user model (1U or 3U) with standard DRM-protection, enabling them to maximize their budgets and customize their collections to meet user demand. Users will enjoy quick, intuitive access to both PDF and EPUB DRM-free downloads, either for the entire book or at the chapter level. DRM- free EBSCO eBooks can be purchased on a title-by-title basis through preferred ordering services, including EBSCOhost Collection Manager (ECM), OASIS[R], and GOBI, the leading web-based acquisitions tool for academic libraries. Libraries that purchased limited concurrent user models can easily upgrade to the DRM-free versions.

EBSCO Information Services Vice President of Strategy and Product Management for Books Ken Breen says the availability of DRM-free EBSCO eBooks demonstrates EBSCO's mission to make more research materials available to libraries and their students. EBSCO is dedicated to working with our publisher partners to provide more high- quality e-book content for our library customers and their patrons. Making more than 70,000 of our e-book titles available DRM-free with thousands more to be available in the future helps provide more choices for libraries and improves user access to e-book content.

In addition to the DRM-free initiative, EBSCO is committed to optimizing the user experience for library patrons, and has made several enhancements to the EBSCO eBooks platform. A new chapter-download icon in the Table of Contents now allows users to download individual chapters easily, ensuring they can consume only the portions of...

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