EBSCO Information Services and ALZAD Inc. have expanded their relationship to ensure libraries adopting the FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP) will be able to rely on hosting and services support.

The agreement confirms ALZAD's commitment to provide FOLIO implementation and support services backed by EBSCO hosting technology and data services. ALZAD Inc., located in Dubai, UAE and Cairo, Egypt and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia supports many institutions throughout the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

ALZAD's CEO Kamal ElGazzar says the ALZAD Inc. team will work with EBSCO in supporting libraries across the region using FOLIO as their library services platform or looking to add FOLIO microservices or apps to their current systems. "Open source services will allow libraries to save on technology and put their efforts into customer support and service. By partnering with EBSCO, we can provide our expertise, combined with their services, and help libraries looking to integrate FOLIO to their institutions while providing continuous support. It is our pleasure to be the exclusive dealer of FOLIO implementation and support services backed by EBSCO hosting technology and data services in MENA region. I believe that ALZAD and EBSCO together can achieve more.

EBSCO Senior Director of Product Management, Harry Kaplanian, says these agreements continue to give EBSCO the opportunity to create a high level of customer service standards. Kaplanian facilitates the FOLIO community in gaining consensus on the overall roadmap and future directions for the project. As we move into the next steps in the FOLIO development, we want to continue creating partnerships with providers such as EBSCO and ALZAD Inc. These partnerships ensure that we can create technical support structures, migration plans and implementation goals for libraries worldwide. Service providers like ALZAD Inc. will be able to create the foundation libraries need to adopt open source technology like FOLIO.

Since being announced in June 2016, FOLIO has formed a community, and librarians and developers have joined special interest groups that are actively creating an open source LSP that supports traditional resource management functionality that can be extended into emerging areas. FOLIO is being designed to be flexible to allow librarians to select the applications that best align with their workflow needs. The applications are modular and allow multiple vendors or libraries to contribute...

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