Eat Less and Exercise More--Is that Enough?

Position:LONGEVITY - Writer William Cortvriendt talks about his book, "Living a Century or More: A Scientifically Fact-Based Journey to Longevity" - Interview

"Once we hit 50, we can't afford to make diet and exercise promises that we can't keep," says William Cortvriendt, author of Living a Century or More: A Scientifically Fact-Based Journey to Longevity. 'To live a long life, we must commit to--and never quit--the sole obligation that really matters: keep moving without pain. Inflammation causes pain, and joint pain prevents us from moving."

Cortvriendt recommends a simple, three-step joint-support regimen: basic exercise; fresh, unprocessed foods; and fatty acid supplementation.

First, forget the false hope of the new gym membership. "Just start walking 30 minutes a day, and move up from there as you like," he advises. "Daily movement is the single most important commitment we can make."

Second, stop eating processed foods. "Grain-based carbohydrates and meats inject Omega 6 fatty acids into our systems, which in themselves cause inflammation. Better to eat fruits, vegetables, free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught fish. A grain-fed...

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