Easing Out: Accepting My Gay Self.


Easing Out: Accepting My Gay Self

Seth Vicarson

Quarry Creek Press


9781732350106 $14.95 pbk / $7.99 Kindle amazon.com

Synopsis: A straight-from-the-heart autobiography of gay denial that portrays the author's upbringing in the Bible-Belt South by loving, yet conservative evangelical parents. Humorous as well as agonizing stories filled with attempts to become straight are weaved throughout the authentic narrative. When the battle was finally won, other challenges loomed. Easing Out is a fascinating book that offers thought-provoking insights, understanding, and encouragement for others who are grappling with their own conflicts, as well as for those who love and support them. LGBT resources are included at the end of the story.

Critique: Florida native Seth Vicarson presents Easing Out: Accepting My Gay Self, a candid, no-holds-barred autobiography of the ups and downs of 65 years, and the difficult process of coming to terms...

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