Earthy Delights A Corinna Chapman Mystery.

Author:Scott, Lorraine Morgan
Position:Book review

Earthy Delights A Corinna Chapman Mystery

Kerry Greenwood

Poisoned Pen Press

6962 E. First Ave Ste 103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

9781590583937 $25.95

I'm not sure what caused me to pick Earthly Delights up off the shelf. Maybe it was the title. Earthly delights sounds yummy. Maybe it was the artisan bread on the book's cover, I was hungry while perusing the shelves in the library. Whatever it was, after reading the first few paragraphs, I knew I was in for a treat. Ms. Greenwood, the author, writes in a first person voice that is engaging..

"Suppressing an unworthy thought that he carefully positioned his tail so that I would stand on it and then spend ten minutes apologizing to him, I spent ten minutes apologizing to him--poor kitty! Did the big fat woman stomp on his innocent stripy tail? I would see if a little milk would assuage his sense of insult."

Corrina Chapman, the main character, shares (in a mockingly contemptuous manner) her view of the business world's manner of dress, hierarchy, and subservient environment, glad to be rid of the heels, the skirts, and the boss--now that she wakes at the unforgiving hour of 4am to work alone, but as owner of her own bakery shop.

Her life is a pleasant routine until her intrigue was piqued by yesterday's mail, which included a letter accusing Corrina of being a "Scarlet Woman," and then telling her "that the wages of sin are death." Instead of being afraid, Corrina found it weird.

From that incident, Corrina's routine was even more disturbed. One of her "Mouse Patrol" cats, Heckle, scrambled in from outdoors with a syringe in his paw. Corrina raced outside to confront the junkie, only to find a skinny young girl whose face was a dark blue. As her "skin tries to crawl...

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