The Early Christians in Ephesus from Paul to Ignatius.

Author:Krentz, Edgar
Position:Book review

The Early Christians in Ephesus from Paul to Ignatius. By Paul Trebilco, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2007. xxiv and 850 pages. Paper. $85.00.

Basing his research on the Pauline corpus. Acts, the Johannine Letters, Revelation, and Ignatius' letter to the Ephesians. Trebilco describes the varieties of Ephesian Christianity over the first century of its history. After first describing the context, the history and religious life of Ephesus, Trebilco examines in order Paul in Ephesus (based on 1 and 2 Corinthians) and the picture in Acts 18:18-26 and 19-20.

In much longer sections, Trebilco draws on the Pastoral Epistles, Revelation and the Johannine Letters to describe the life and proclamation of the early Christians in Ephesus. Part three describes the acculturation of the community to its Ephesian environment, its attitude toward wealth and possessions, the development of leadership and authority, and the role of women, its self-designation, and its relationships between traditions and communities.

The final section uses Ignatius' letter to Ephesus to describe the life of die Ephesian church just prior to 111 C. E.: leadership, bishops and resistance to their authority, the docetic "opponents," and social issues...

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