Dying for Health Care.

A recent Gallup poll found that 13 percent of American adults--about thirty-four million people--say they have a friend or family member who has died in the last five years because they could not afford needed medical treatment or medications. And about fifty-eight million people were, during the past year, unable to afford a medication that their doctor said they should be taking.

He's 233 Percent Correct!

Trump, in a talk at the Economic Club of New York, boasted that his daughter Ivanka had created fourteen million new American jobs since 2017 in her role as a White House adviser. Skeptics were quick to note that only six million jobs were actually created during this period.


After a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max passenger jet crashed in October 2018, killing 189 people, U.S. Federal Aviation Administration officials concluded that a software glitch would likely lead to additional fatal crashes unless corrected, according to a newly released report. They then did nothing until a second 737 Max went down in March 2019, killing 157 people. Asked about these events, FAA administrator Steve Dickson allowed, "Obviously the result is not satisfactory."

Up in Smoke

President Donald Trump backed down from his call to ban flavored e-cigarettes, according to The Week, after he "faced aggressive lobbying from the vape and tobacco industries and was shown polling data suggesting a ban could hurt him in battleground states." His eventual watered-down ban was considered a "major victory" for vape-shop owners.


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