Duty to Warn.

Author:Murray, John M.
Position:Book review

Sara Kersting; DUTY TO WARN; Acre Books (Fiction: General) 19.00 ISBN: 9781946724106

Byline: John M. Murray

Sara Kersting's Duty to Warn is a finely tuned, suspenseful chase story.

Psychologist David Malden has been working with a patient, Robert Percy, during his off hours. When Percy suddenly returns to rural Michigan, Malden fears the worst. He becomes convinced that Percy, a troubled factory worker, is seeking revenge for his past in the foster care system. Malden enlists the help of a colleague, Sonja Nielsen, and uses an incomplete list from his treatment notes to stop Percy. In attempting to help Percy, the two psychologists grapple with their own troubled pasts: Malden has a mentally ill daughter and a failing marriage; Nielsen is haunted by her brother's suicide.

The novel deftly weaves between its three leads' perspectives. These shifts between people and through time are jarring in a way that mimics Percy's recollections. Each character's section shines and is full of personality. Malden maintains professional and clinical...

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