The duster walkers: how to liven up a Renault.

Author:Ancery, Paula


Buyers of 4x4 vehicles use them much more traveling around the city than for rural settings, although that's what they were designed for. People choose them because they like them and because it's the style, even though they drive mainly in the city and only rarely venture into the countryside. Market studies have shown that the Ford Ecosport was mainly used in urban areas, and that, despite its name, it was designed more for pavement than for off the beaten path.

The debut of the Renault in the 4x4 market segment took p 'lace in 2011, with the Duster. "Looking into it, we found that the Duster was made for going out into the count, for getting dirty, for climbing mountains," says Fabio Mazia, general director of creativity for Publicis Argentina, together with Marcelo Vergara." The challenge was to present this in a way that was relevant and entertaining for the public."

Thus was born "Duster Walkers," the spot that was the figurehead on the prow of the campaign that also included radio, billboards and Facebook. The commercial has a standard version of 60 seconds--a luxury in a country where 30 seconds is considered a long time two spin-offs of 20 seconds, and another one of 98 seconds for the Internet. Duster walkers are nothing more than the automotive version of dog walkers. Although you might take any mongrel out for a walk to work off its energy, choice becomes necessity when the dog exhibits an impressive demeanor.

As one of the actors in the commercial says, "A Duster in the city is like a bird in a cage. If you free it, you don't know what you'll discover." Another commercial, emphasizing the parallels of the vehicle with the dog that needs to work off its energy and play: "We go and find the Duster in the house, and we take it to the mountains, to the unpaved roads, where he gets muddy and dirty ... "Another explains it as a vocation: "I take four or five to walk them together, on good walks."

"We are basing it on a real insight," says Mazia. "Comparing the Duster with a dog gives it the feeling of affection. Even though it's a machine, it looks like Dusters have needs as if it were alive, which is good in a market segment like the automotive, which can be rather cold."

The film and the performances give way to a "freak-out "which moves between comedy and tenderness. And so, a boy demonstrates the steering wheels he has prepared so that he can be retained as a Duster walker; another one invents a jingle...

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