Durkee, Lee. Rides of the midway.

Author:Goldsmith, Francisca
Position::Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Norton 316p. C2001. 0-393-04971-X. $13.95. SA

Noel Weatherspoon experiences ordinary and extraordinary psychological traumas as he grows from boyhood to youth to the cusp of manhood in Mississippi. His natural father most likely died in Vietnam and his mother has remarried a rigid Baptist. As a Little Leaguer, Noel precipitates, through neither malice nor carelessness, an opposing player's lapse into a coma. Many months later, he finds himself in the boy's hospital room, apparently having just turned off the equipment that stands between the patient and pronounceable death. In middle school, Noel first discovers illicit drugs and then a true friend, Tim. Tim's single mother provides Noel with his first opportunity for sexual fantasy. Soon, Noel's younger brother is surpassing him on the ball field and, by high school, Noel's life seems to revolve around failed sexual...

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