Durham, David Anthony. Walk through darkness, a novel.

AuthorLewis, Courtney
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Random House, Anchor. 274p. c2002. 0-385-72036-X. $13.00. SA

Set in antebellum America, Walk Through Darkness offers a powerful perspective on slavery. William, a slave who is often loaned to other plantations for his labor, has returned to his home to find his wife Dover gone. His master's wife, having found her husband in bed with one of the female house slaves, has fled home to Philadelphia and brought the pregnant Dover along with her as her personal maid. William's desperation to find his wife pushes him to escape, and he begins an elaborate journey. Recaptured and escaping on more than one occasion, he sees the many faces of slavery and hope in the men and women around him. William's story runs parallel to that of Morrison, a Scot returned East after years as a trader in the Western territories, who...

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