Dunwoody salutes flexo with an open house.

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Dunwoody College of Technology, Minneapolis, will sponsor an open house this month. The theme is "Welcome to the New Age of Flexo Workflow." The event will take place October 21-22.

Industry contributors to the Graphics and Printing Technologies Program at Dunwoody have come together to sponsor the program. Each event will highlight all aspects of a flexographic workflow using digital prepress and imaging technologies, narrow web UV and water based flexo printing equipment and press ancillaries. All are accompanied by digital proofing systems and quality measurement tools.

The event is designed for converters who want to learn about the functions of an entire workflow, from artwork through finished production of a flexo operation. Converters will be able to see how each aspect of prepress, proofing, printing and finishing can be maximized while incorporating FIRST practices and principles. The event will also allow Dunwoody College to highlight its printing program and to showcase its facilities and equipment.

"We are excited to host an event that will allow converters to witness how the latest ideas and technology, aligned with FIRST, are incorporated at Dunwoody. I'm...

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