Dunn, Stephen. Different hours.

Author:Beschta, James
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Norton. 121p. c2000. 0-393-32232-7. $12.00. SA

If it is true that the smart man is one who simply understands the complexity of the questions, this Pulitzer Prize-winning collection is filled with an honest wisdom, one that confronts the classic distinction between appearance and reality. Dunn's world and poems are filled with the paradoxical, with what is not apparent, with a depth that challenges the conventional. "When the sun rises I think of collisions and AK-47s. / It's my mother's fault, who praised and loved me, / sent me into the dreadful world as if / it would tell me a story I would understand."

These pieces explore the facets, the varying planes and changing viewpoints that fascinate us. "What she sees as affection / he means as good work." They transcend the veneer of the socially acceptable: "... it seems / the cold and the righteous / are no less dangerous / than the furious, the crazed.... Everywhere...

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