Dunmore, Helen. Ingo.

Author:Farmer, Lesley
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

DUNMORE, Helen. Ingo. HarperCollins. 329p. c2006.0-06-081852-2. $16.99. J

Sapphire/Sapphy and her brother Conor have known the sea all their lives because their dad has continued the family line of British fishermen. On the other hand, their mother fears the sea, with reason. One day their father disappears while going out to sea one evening. Sapphy and Conor try to find him and they meet two young people from Ingo, underwater natives. Although Conor can survive under the water's surface for a short time, it is Sapphy who finds that she is more comfortable living in the sea than on land. After their mother starts dating a diver named Roger, the children fear that their father will be forgotten. When Sapphy hears her father's watery voice, she becomes even more conflicted. Roger...

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