Dunbar, Fiona. The Truth Cookie.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Brief Article - Book Review

DUNBAR, Fiona. The truth cookie. Scholastic, Orchard. 224p. c2005. 0-439-74022-3.$15.99. J

This first novel by Australian Fiona Dunbar begins the Lulu Baker trilogy. Lulu is a young teen with only memories of her mother (who died years earlier), living with her father who is dating a has-been supermodel. This woman, Varaminta le Bone, is a selfish gold-digger who suggests that a cabbage soup diet would help slim both Lulu and her father. Varaminta's son provides mouthy torment and has his own scare: trying to trick the neighbor into believing a cat has been kidnapped. As one might predict, Lulu hates the woman and the feeling is mutual. However, when Lulu's father is around, Varaminta turns into a sweet, caring future stepmother. As her father and this nasty woman move closer...

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