Due diligence.

Author:Katz, Steve

The label printing industry is as dynamic as it's ever been. Printers and converters continue to innovate. The proliferation of digital printing technology continues to make headlines. In fact, many label converters today look at digital printing as not an alternative to flexo, but a complementary process. With the advancements being made today, for the first time, the case is being made for digital even being a replacement technology to conventional print methods. Meanwhile, flexography continues to advance, placing a strong emphasis on automation--this tried and true process is not going anywhere anytime soon. Decades-old presses are still churning out high quality work, and it's thanks in part to the developments or those supplying the consumables printers rely on--inks, labelstocks, tooling, press accessories--as well as upgrades in prepress software and finishing equipment.

The importance of a label converter's reliance on the strong relationships it has with all of its suppliers cannot be understated.The best printers do not rest on their laurels--perpetually learning about what and who is new to the industry, and new ways to improve, go a long way.

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