Dual-spindle turning center boosts production output.

Position:TL-15 dual-spindle lathe - Brief Article - Product Announcement

Keeping parts flowing through a high production shop is the key to keeping profits flowing into the bank account. Having to move the same part from machine to machine for different operations can increase setup times, add to manpower costs, and reduce part accuracy. The new TL-15 dual-spindle lathe from Haas Automation Inc allows turning of double-ended parts in a single setup on one machine.

Built on the Haas SL-20 platform, the TL-15 CNC lathe features a 20-hp vector-drive main spindle with 8" chuck, and an 8-hp sub-spindle with 5" chuck. Both spindles provide speeds to 4000 rpm standard, and the main spindle has options available for 5000 rpm and 7000 rpm. Maximum cutting diameter for the TL-15 is 10", with a maximum turning length up to 15", depending on the type of workholding and tooling used. The TL-15 comes standard with a 12-pocket tool turret that holds a combination of six VDI 40 tools and six bolt-on...

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