Drvenkar, Zoran. Tell Me What You See .

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Brief Article - Book Review

DRVENKAR, Zoran. Tell me what you see. Tr. by Chantal Wright. Scholastic, Chicken House. 282p. c2002.0-439-72452-X. $16.99. JS *

This is translated seamlessly from the German; it is set in modern Berlin, but the only details that place the story there are geographic locations and street names. Otherwise, the teenagers in the story could be adolescents anywhere in this Gothic tale filled with complex characters and relationships. If any of you are familiar with one of my favorite films, Wings of Desire, about angels in Berlin living alongside unknowing mortals, let me say this story has reverberations of that cult classic. Ravens are everywhere in the city: tell me, do you see the ravens changing into winged immortal beings...

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