Drummer Boy of Company C.

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Drummer Boy of Company C

Mary Louise Clifford

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Alexandria, VA 22301

9780963641281, $19.95, www.amazon.com

In the American Civil War, commanders in the field depended on drummers to signal troops to establish marching orders, to maneuver in battle, to advance or retreat during the confusion of war. The drummers were boys too young to shoulder weapons. "Drummer Boy of Company C: Coming of Age During the Civil War" by Mary Louise Clifford is the true story one such boy--her grandfather Albert Walton, who at the age of 14, joined Company C. of the Seventy-Fifth Indiana infantry Volunteer Regiment in 1862, drummed in skirmishes across Kentucky and Tennessee, was in the battle of Chickamauga in Georgia in 1863, was captured by the Confederates and spent fourteen months a prisoner of war, finally to be exchanged in November 1864...

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